Screen/Multipurpose Table Mounting System

After I welded myself a screen mount for my desk a few years back, I was now ready for something new and more flexible. Because I always wanted to work with t-slotted aluminium profiles and because they are so enormously flexible and thus very much suitable for this application, the main building block was obvious.

I chose a 120mmx40mm profile, which extends over the whole length of the desk. I fabricated two steel posts from 4mm steel plate for either side of the extrusion. For mounting I welded 25mm angle iron to the steel plate and drilled screw holes:

For two screen wall mounts I fabricated adapters from 8mm aluminium plate. The wall mounts are mounted in slots to have variable height:

Fully assembled the system looks like this:

In the future there will surely be some extensions for this system. Right now I’m already really happy with the system.

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